New Blog Site…Welcome From Jane

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I am attempting a new blog.  The site is MAKING ME CRAZY!!!  I write, attach photos, spend way too much time and press the button to publish and nothing…nothing….so I’m trying out a new site.
We are enjoying the Florida weather for the most part.  Even when it is cool…it is hot with the incredible humidity.  The photos are one our campsite at Hope Children’s Home, The great birder lady spotting the front end of an armadillo and also the back-end.  Funny looking fellow.  We visited a preserve and after a 4+ mile walk we spotted several turkeys, a huge turtle and lots of armadillo’s.  Very pleasant afternoon. Once I see if this site is working I’ll spend more time updating what we are doing.  Right now we are halfway through our first project.  I’ve been working in the Birthday House trying to get the 1000’s of toys organized.  My partner and I hope to get it finished, but don’t know if we will.  It’s a huge job with hardly any room to work in, but it’s right up my alley….I’ve been really enjoyed our new RV.  The kitchen is fantastic and so easy to prepare meals in.  If you remember the previous RV’s kitchen had about 1 square foot of preparation area…not too much fun.

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1 Response to New Blog Site…Welcome From Jane

  1. Trish says:

    Looks like a different world down there. Enjoyed the photos, keep us posted and may God bless you and Dale in your ministry.

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