Wet and Wild

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Good Morning sweet ones, Friday morning in Florida. We’ve had lots of rain over the past two weeks. Even when it doesn’t rain the morning dew is so heavy it just melts off the trees and falls on the Rv with a great thud….sounds just like rain to me. We accidentally left our three plants outside last night and of course we had a deluge. The poor things are weeping with water. The tomato plant couldn’t take the stress, having such long limbs, and I think it has given up. The limbs fell over and now have deep “stress” fratures. Dale has it tied to a stake and we hope it will heal itself.  It rained so hard last night one of the SOWERS lost his awning with the weight of the water. We don’t have our awning out as it is on the north side of our RV.
Daisy doesn’t do well with the wet either. As you know she is a “low rider”. Short legs don’t keep the middle much off the ground. Taking her out with very wet ground cover, means she gathers a lot of it to herself. Quite messy. As soon as the sun reappears I’m going to shave her underside.
Friday is not a workday for us. We have a four day workweek. I don’t think the sun will appear today so after giving Daisy a bath we’ll head over to the HUGE mall nearby and pick up some slip on waterproof shoes for the man of the house. I have my crocs that work very well in this climate, but he has to remove his lace up shoes every time he comes in.
HaHa…the photo of the snow is Roanoke just prior to us leaving for Florida..delighted to remember what we left behind..and feeling such pain for all our friends and family…the second photo is a trail sign along a path of meditation here at Hope…

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