The End of a Project

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Today marked the last workday at Hope Children’s Home.  My partner Margaret and I finished sorting and displaying the many, many toys given for the children.  The photo is the finished work.  The first day of the job Margaret and I opened the door of the small 2 room shed and beheld dozens and dozens of boxes and large black bags completely filling the 2 rooms.  No place to walk, bags piled halfway to the ceiling.  I did not believe we would get them sorted and displayed in the 12 1/2 days the women work.  We did and we are delighted.

Dale’s project will continue with the next group to arrive.  They are remodeling a three bedroom apartment in the girls dorm.  Much was accomplished and lots left for the group following us.  Hope House is a never-ending labor of love for the children who call this wonderful place their home.

We will be staying here for another week, then heading to our next project.  I can now sleep in…great joy!

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