Good News Camp

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Today is our last day here at Good News Camp in Hawthorne Florida.  We are here because of  the wonderful will of our Lord.  He sends us just exactly where we should be.  I quickly came up with a bad attitude shortly after arrival 4 weeks ago.  I don’t have a lot of tolerance for people who are not able to ever stop talking leaving no room or interest for others.  Then I received a reprimand from this individual in front of another.  The reprimand was not warranted and someone was not minding their own business.  I was not too pleased and my attitude got worse and even a bit haughty.  Now, this isn’t very pleasing to the Lord and He had another log to pull out of my eye and evil from my heart.  Yes, I knew it, bad attitude, not loving, not forgiving….I spoke often with the Lord about it.  Yes, the Lord changed my heart, corrected my pride and freed me from this sin.  Oh!  He is wonderful!

I cleaned up and reorganized the files here at camp for over two weeks.  Then Steve our fantastic host asked for several reptiles to be cut from wood and painted.  Dale cut the reptiles from pictures I obtained from the internet and I was able to get most of them painted.  Even though we were done the project last week, since we were here this week we were able to continue to work on them.  There are 4 left to paint which I hope someone from the next group can get done.  It was such a lot of fun…

Included is a photo of some of the younger children washing our car.  We made a trade with them.  Two car washes get them a pair of binoculars.  Dale has been teaching them bird watching.  Oliver, Chloe, Solly, Simon and Theo are enthralled.  Spend lots of time now watching the birds.  Dale and I have seen two eagles up close…incredible!

You can also see a church front that Dale made as part of a pretend village.  Very cool!  A great amount of work has been accomplished here and we have been so blessed to be a part of it!  Tomorrow morning we will be heading off on a new adventure.

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1 Response to Good News Camp

  1. Trish says:

    Sweet kids!! Wish I were young enough to go to summer camp.

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